"One of my predecessors is said to have observed that in making his decisions he had to operate like a football quarterback - he could not very well call the next play until he saw how the last play turned out. Well, that may be a good way to run a football team, but in these days it is no way to run a government."

  - Address at the Cow Palace on Accepting the Nomination of the Republican National Convention, August 23, 1956

"A sound nation is built of individuals sound in body and mind and spirit. Government dares not ignore the individual citizen."

  - Address at a Rally in the Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio, October 1, 1956

"We cannot safely confine government programs to our own domestic progress and our own military power. We could be the wealthiest and the most mighty nation and still lose the battle of the world if we do not help our world neighbors protect their freedom and advance their social and economic progress. It is not the goal of the American people that the United States should be the richest nation in the graveyard of history."

  - Special Message to the Congress on the Mutual Security Program, March 13, 1959