Oral Histories

The oral history collection has been built upon two major components: (1) the Eisenhower Presidential Library's own interviews and, (2) transcripts acquired through a cooperative arrangement with Columbia University's Oral History Project. A third and smaller component consists of a number of oral history interviews donated to the Library by various institutions and individuals.


The list of oral history transcripts gives the names of the persons interviewed, the principal positions held by them during the Eisenhower administration or their personal relationship to Dwight D. Eisenhower as documented by their interviews, the date of the interview, and the number of pages in the transcript. Transcripts originating from other institutions are not available on our web page but may be viewed in our research room.

Finding Aids

The Eisenhower Presidential Library has an oral history collection of over 500 transcripts. The finding aids consist of short descriptions prepared by the staff at the Library. Each description lists the ordered subject content of each oral history.

As a consequence, it allows the user to select those portions of a transcript relevant to a particular subject without having to read the entire oral history. Descriptions are available for over two-thirds of the collection.

  • EL Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • COHP Columbia Oral History Project
  • OTHER Other Institution or Individual

List of Oral Histories