What is the Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series?
While you are at the Eisenhower Presidential Library conducting research, we invite you to consider taking part in our Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series. This program provides an informal setting where writers, graduate students, historians and others can talk about their research projects. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. If you are interested, please ask the archivist assisting you to contact the lecture series staff in advance of your visit as schedule space is limited.

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1. Who may use the Library's collections?
2. What are the research room hours?
3. How do I prepare for a research visit to the Library?
4. When is the Library open for research?
5. How do I utilize the finding aids to the Library's manuscript collections?
6. What are the research room procedures?
7. Can I use electronic or recording devices in the research room?
8. How do I request reproductions of photography or audio recording holdings?
9. How are records opened for research?
10. What kind of information is restricted?
11. Are travel grants available?
12. What is the Eisenhower Foundation's "Host Committee?"
13. Where can I find local lodging and dining options?
14. How do I cite material from the Library?
15. What is the Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series?