Korean War

"We have now gained a truce in Korea. We do not greet it with wild rejoicing. We know how dear its cost has been in life and treasure."

  - Radio Report to the American People on the Achievements of the Administration and the 83d Congress, August 6, 1953

"Obviously all of us know that the composition that was reached in Korea is not satisfactory to America, but it is far better than to continue the bloody, dreary, sacrifice of lives with no possible strictly military victory in sight."

  - Address at the Illinois State Fair at Springfield, August 19, 1954

"And of course, there was the war in Korea, a war around which there had grown up such a political situation that military victory, at least a decisive military victory, was no longer in the cards."

  - Radio and Television Address to the American People on the Achievements of the 83rd Congress, August 23, 1954

"In June of last year we negotiated a truce which ended the Korean War, preserved the Republic of Korea's freedom, and frustrated the Communist design for conquest."

  - Address at the American Legion Convention, August 30, 1954