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Gabel, Richard: Papers, 1937-97. Telephone Equipment Specialist, U.S. Army, 1942-46; Telephone Specialist, Federal Communications Commission, 1946-50, and Rural Electrification Administration, 1950-60; Director of Communication Division, General Services Administration, 1960-66; Department of Commerce representative to National Commission on Telecommunications Policy, 1967-69; Senior Economist, White House Office of Telecommunications Policy, 1969-74; private consultant on telephone matters, 1974-97; advisor to Department of Justice on AT&T anti-trust case. 16 feet. (closed pending processing)

Gaines, Joan B. (PDF): Papers, 1958-60. Director of Interpretation, White House Conference on Children and Youth, 1958-60. -1 foot.

Gale, Oliver M. (PDF): Memorandum Re Secretary of Defense, 1971. Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1957-60. Memorandum re Secretary of Defense, 1971. -1 foot.

General Services Administration (PDF): Records Re Eisenhower Library Site Acquisition, 1956-82. -1 foot.

Gerhardt, Charles H. (PDF): Memoirs, 1913-67. Commanding General, 29th Infantry Division, 1943-46. -1 foot. (partly on microfilm)

Gillem, Alvan C., Jr. (PDF): Collection of Documents Re Gillem Board and Negroes in the Armed Forces, 1945-51. Chairman, Board of Officers on the Utilization of Negro Manpower in the post-war Army, 1945. -1 foot.

Gilmer, Dan (PDF): Shaef Reports, "Graphics Analysis" and "Operations Data," 1943-44. Secretary of the General Staff, SHAEF, 1944. -1 foot.

Ginder, Philip De Witt (PDF): Papers, 1927-68. Senior Military Attache, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1949-51; Commander, 6th Infantry Regiment, Berlin, 1951-52; Commander, 45th Infantry Division, Korea, 1953. 10 feet.

Ginzberg, Eli (PDF): Papers, 1948-69. Faculty member, Columbia University, 1935 -; Director, Conservation of Human Resources project, 1950 -. -1 foot.

Glennan, T. Keith (PDF): Diary, 1959-61. President, Case Institute of Technology, 1947-66; member, Atomic Energy Commission, 1950-52; Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1958-61. -1 foot.

Glick, Edward M. (PDF): Papers, 1953-57. Speech Writer, Department of State, 1951-53 and Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1953-57. -1 foot.

Gotwals, Charles P. (PDF): Papers, 1945-46. Officer, Military Justice Division, Judge Advocate for U.S. Forces, European Theater, 1945-46. -1 foot.

Grady, John J. (PDF): Papers, 1955-98. Special agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1940-47; staff member, Foreign Operations Administration, 1951-55; Deputy Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air force, 1955-60; Deputy Director for Management, International Cooperation Administration, 1960. -1 foot.

Graham, Emmett S. (PDF): Papers, 1941-62. Executive Secretary of the Eisenhower Foundation. 6 feet.

Grant, Alan G. (PDF): Papers, 1927-2003. Psychological warfare activist. 10 feet.

Gray, Gordon (PDF): Papers: 1946-1976. Publishing and broadcasting company executive; Assistant Secretary of the Army, 1947-49; Secretary of the Army, 1949-50; Special Assistant to President Truman, 1950; President, University of North Carolina, 1950; Director, Psychological Strategy Board, 1951; Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Personnel Security Board which investigated J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1954; Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, 1955-57; Director, Office of Defense Mobilization, 1957-58; Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, 1958-61; member, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1961-62. 4 feet. (partly on microfilm)

Gray, Robert K. (PDF): Records, 1954-60. Special Assistant for Manpower, Navy Department, 1955-56; Special Assistant to the President, 1956-58; Secretary to the Cabinet, 1958-61. 1 foot.

Greene, John Robert (PDF): Manuscript and Materials Re the Crusade: the Presidential Election of 1952, 1979-83. Assistant professor of Arts and Sciences, Cazenova College, 1986-90. 8 feet.

Grover, James Allen: Papers, 1940-46. Time magazine executive; Associate Director of the Office of Facts and Figures, c. 1941-1942. -1 foot. Review Upon Demand (PDF)

Gruber, William R. (PDF): Papers, 1929, 1940, 1954. Army Officer, friend of Eisenhower family. -1 foot.

Gruenther, Alfred M.: Papers, 1942-83

Chief of Staff, 5th Army, 1943-44; Commanding General, 15th Army Group, 1944-45; Deputy Commander, U.S. Forces in Austria, 1945-46; Deputy Commandant, National War College, 1946-47; Director, Joint Staff, 1947-49; Deputy Army Chief of Staff, 1949-50; Chief of Staff, SHAPE, 1950-53; Supreme Commander, SHAPE, 1953-56; President, American Red Cross, 1957-64. 145 feet.

Gruenther, Homer H. (PDF): Records, 1953-60. Assistant to the Deputy Assistant to the President, 1953-61. 7 feet.

Guilfoyle, James H.: Papers, 1951-2000. Korean War fighter pilot, 1951-53. -1 foot. Review Upon Demand (PDF)