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Eisenhower Legacy Organizations

The Eisenhower Foundation
The Eisenhower Foundation's mission is to honor Dwight D. Eisenhower and to perpetuate his important legacy; to encourage and support educational activities relating to citizenship; and to support the non-federally funded operation of the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. Your membership by joining others in the Friends of the Eisenhower Foundation will play a key role in celebrating the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission is in the planning stages of creating an enduring Eisenhower National Memorial in our nation's capital. We have established this website to invite the American people to participate in this momentous effort to honor Ike's lifetime of public service. Of interest to researchers would be The Eisenhower Presidential Papers online.

Eisenhower National Historic Site

Eisenhower National Historic Site is the presidential and retirement home of Dwight D. and Mamie Eisenhower. Purchased by the Eisenhowers in 1950, the 189 acre farm sported a show herd of Angus cattle and served as a presidential retreat, temporary White House, and meeting place for world leaders. Located adjacent to the Gettysburg Battlefield, the site today comprises 690 acres and is still maintained as a working farm.

Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site

Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site features the modest two-story frame house in the railroad town of Denison, Texas where Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in 1890. The visitors center is an historic structure filled with hundreds of items relating to Eisenhower and his role in America and world history.

The Eisenhower Institute

Honoring the legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Eisenhower Institute is a distinguished center for leadership and public policy that prepares the successor generations to perfect the promise of the nation.

A distinctive program of Gettysburg College with offices in the heart of the nation's capital and in the historic Gettysburg home once occupied by Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, the Institute combines top-level dialogue among policy-makers with a premier learning experience for undergraduates.

Helpful Links

The American Presidency Project

The American Presidency Project is the only online resource that has consolidated, coded, and organized into a single searchable database The Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1913), The Public Papers of the Presidents (1929-1993), The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993-2009). The American Presidency Project archives also contain thousands of documents such as party platforms, candidates' remarks, Statements of Administration Policy, documents released by the Office of the Press Secretary, and election debates.

Library of Congress

The Library serves as the research arm of Congress and is recognized as the national library of the United States. Its collections comprise the world's most comprehensive record of human creativity and knowledge. Open to those age 16 and older without charge or special permission, it is the world's largest library and a great resource to scholars and researchers.

National Archives & Records Administration

In a democracy, records belong to the people, and for more than seven decades, NARA has preserved and provided access to the records of the United States of America. Records help us claim our rights and entitlements, hold our elected officials accountable for their actions, and document our history as a nation. In short, NARA ensures continuing access to the essential documentation of the rights of American citizens and the actions of their Government.

Presidential Libraries

Presidential Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience. We preserve and provide access to historical materials, support research, and create interactive programs and exhibits that educate and inspire.

Presidential Timeline

Experience a powerful, intuitive, and visually engaging web-based interface which will provide access to the growing store of digitized assets from the collections of the twelve Presidential Libraries of the National Archives. This is an exciting new teaching tool that can bring primary sources into every classroom. The Presidential Timeline provides a single point of access to documents, photographs, audio recordings, and video relating to the events of the presidents' lives. The goal of the project is to make these resources readily and freely available to students, educators, and adult learners throughout the world.

The White House

For more than 200 years, the White House has been more than just the home of the Presidents and their families. Throughout the world, it is recognized as the symbol of the President, of the President's administration, and of the United States.