Photography Collection

The audiovisual collection of the Eisenhower Presidential Library holds a substantial collection of photographic prints that offers a significant, primary documentary resource relating to the life and times of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Most photographic materials in the holdings of the Eisenhower Presidential Library were received as part of manuscript collections and are arranged and identified by the name of the donor. The still photograph collection documenting the World War II period consists primarily of U.S. Army Signal Corps photographs supplemented largely by photographs donated by individuals such as General Courtney H. Hodges and General Floyd L. Parks, and by such corporate entities as the Des Moines Register Tribune newspaper. Most of the photographs documenting the presidential years were taken by the National Park Service or the U.S. Naval Photographic Center. The Library has also accumulated, however, a large number of photographs from various presidential committees and from associates of President Eisenhower such as James C. Hagerty and Edward L. Beach.

When submitting photograph requests, please list as much information as possible regarding the occasion, subject, date, individuals involved and geographical location.

There is a large selection of photographic images found throughout the Library's website. The majority of the images are in the public domain. Copyrighted images will be annotated and are restricted to online viewing only.

Notations such as NPS, USA and USN, refer to the photographer origin (i.e. National Park Service, United States Army Signal Corps, and United States Naval Photographic Agency) who photographed Eisenhower throughout his career. As government agencies these images are considered in the public domain.