The Pylons

The Pylons were a project of the Kansas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, in cooperation with the Soroptimists International clubs of Kansas. Completed in 1956, the pylons were originally located in front of the Museum in a reflective pool. They were relocated to their current site in 1962 following construction of the Library.
The pylon plaques on the Eisenhower campus.

Wording on the Pylon Plaques

"To this homestead divine providence brought David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Stover Eisenhower. They lived in piety and Christian service, brought sons into the world, and taught them the ways of righteousness, of charity to all men and reverence to God."

"Six Eisenhower sons grew to manhood giving honor to their parents, to God, and to the cardinal principles of our free society. Their names were Arthur, Edgar Newton, Dwight David, Roy Jacob, Earl Dewey, Milton Stover."

"The men and women of our armed forces walk amid dangers, and many gave their lives for freedom. By dedicated duty to their beloved nation, they have preserved our God-given rights, our national honor, and the freedom won by our forefathers."

"Sustained by Faith in the cherished ideals of true democracy, each American works in his daily task at plough or force or machine or desk knowing this nation will forever stand one and indivisible in devotion to the cause of liberty for all mankind."

"From the modest home built on these acres came one destined to lead in battle the mightiest array of fighting forces ever to wage war in freedom's cause. The victory secure, as President he led the effort to ensure a continuing peace for all the world."