Women in the 1890s

"The Memory of that first meeting is indelible. A brilliant suset was reflected in the west windows of the largish, square white house, as I stepped upon the low porch of 201 Southeast Fourth Street, in Abilene, Kansas, that early November evening of 1943. Ida Eisenhower herself opened the door.

Vividly blue eyes twinkled beneath cotton-white brows and hair. Her face, rosy in the sunset, lighted with a hearty smile. A lace collar, trig, crisp, exactly pinned, high-lighted the dark blue of a simple wool dress. She shook my hand so cordially, retaining it to draw me into the house in such a heart-warming way, that I like her immediately."

Kunigunde Duncan
"Earning the Right to do Fancywork:
An Informal Biography of Ida Eisenhower, 1957"