Second Term Cabinet

January 20, 1957 - January 20, 1961

Photo 63-312, National Park Service, Unrestricted

Photo of Eisenhower's second term presidential cabinet.

Cabinet Members

Department Name State Date Appointed
State John Foster Dulles
Washington, D.C.
State Christian Archibald Herter
Massachusetts April 22, 1959
Treasury George Magoffin Humphrey
Ohio Continued
Treasury Robert Bernard Anderson
Texas July 29, 1957
Defense Charles Erwin Wilson
Michigan Continued
Defense Neil Hosler McElroy
Ohio October 9, 1957-59 (?)
Defense Thomas S. Gates, Jr.
Pennsylvania December 2, 1959
Attorney General
Herbert Brownell, Jr.
New York
Attorney General
William Pierce Rogers
New York
November 8, 1957
Postmaster General
Arthur Ellsworth Summerfield
Michigan Continued
Interior Frederick Andrew Seaton
Nebraska Continued
Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson
Commerce Sinclair Weeks
Massachusetts Continued
Commerce Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss
New York
November 13, 1958 -
June 19, 1959
Frederick H. Mueller
Michigan August 19, 1959
Labor James Paul Mitchell
New Jersey
Health, Education,
and Welfare
Marion Bayard Folsom
Georgia Continued
Health, Education,
and Welfare
Arthur Sherwood Flemming
Ohio August 1, 1958